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Friday, May 1, 2009

What is PSP?

As its name suggests, the PSP -- or PlayStation Portable -- is a smaller, lighter version of Sony's PlayStation. It's not as powerful as the PS2, but more powerful than the original PlayStation, and it has a built-in screen and speakers so you don't have to plug it in to anything to use it.

As with the full-size PlayStation2, which can play DVDs and audio CDs as well as PlayStation game discs, the PSP is more than just a gaming handheld. The PSP plays games in UMD (or Universal Media Disc) format, but UMD format is also used for movies and other audio-visual content, and the PSP can pay those, too. And if that isn't enough, the PSP can also play audio, video, and still image content off of Memory Sticks (Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo are the compatible formats).

Unlike the PlayStation or PlayStation2, the PSP comes equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can connect with other players wirelessly and, if your firmware is version 2.00 or higher, get online to browse the internet. Sony has also announced an add-on camera and a GPS device for use with the PSP, expanding its capabilities even further.


o black
o ceramic white (Japan and Europe only)
o pink (Europe only)
o Tsukimi -- black with copper (Japan only)
o Kachofugetsu -- white with black and red (Japan only)

Dimensions: 6.7"/170 mm wide x 2.9"/74 mm high x .9"/23 mm deep

Weight: .62 lbs/280 g (including battery)

CPU: PSP CPU (1-333 MHz)

o 32 MB Main Memory
o 4 MB embedded DRAM

o 4.3", 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD screen
o 480 x 272 pixels
o 16.77 million colors
o maximum luminance 180/130/80 cd/m2 (when using battery pack)
o maximum luminance 200/180/130/ 80 cd/m2 (when using AC adaptor)

o built-in stereo speakers
o headset connector

Connectors, Ports and Drives:
o IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi)
o USB 2.0 (mini-B)
o Memory Stick Duo
o infrared
o DC in 5 V connector
o headset connector
o UMD drive (Read only)

Buttons and Switches:
o d-pad
o analog nub
o triangle, circle, cross, square
o right and left shoulder
o Start, Select, and Home
o Power/Hold
o display brightness, sound, volume up, volume down
o wireless LAN on/off
o UMD latch

o lithium-ion battery
o AC adaptor

Access control:
o UMD region coding
o parental control

What Does It All Mean?

Basically, what all these fancy specs come down to is a kick-ass handheld gaming machine with amazing graphics for its size, that can also play movies and music, display photos and image files, surf the web and, with every new firmware release, even more cool stuff. Phew!

As for whether or not you should buy one . . . well, you'll have to decide for yourself, but I've never regretted buying mine.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

What is BlogThis! ? - Blogger Help

What is BlogThis! ? - Blogger Help

How do I Download games on My PSP for Free??

How do I download games on my PSP for free? It is what are you looking for? The way to download games on the PSP for free. If you have the later product which is PSP 3000, you may not to play free games until the hackers or the crackers do their job...

And if you're still searching for free games and I will try to help you to figure up the way. There are actually a lot of free games that you may download for your PSP. When people consider of downloading free games for the PSP, most of them thoughts the Sony UMD games only, but this isn't always the cases. The fact is what the current firmware you are using off, by the way downloading and playing games in minutes can be done using internet. And then you can ask yourself "How do I download games on my PSP for free?"

The first step to downloading the PSP games is you need to downgrade your PSP firmware. But what can I said that , the PANDORA battery doesn't works with the latest PSP 3000, it mean you just can played the demos only. It is the changes of system firmware to a former version which is version 1.50. This is because the 1.50 firmware allows us to put up and develop in the PSP CPU and reprogram it according to our needs, which means we can actually play them without UMD by download games from the Internet. Now for those who have a 1.50 PSP downgraded, downloading free games for your PSP is now easy because the doors are now broad open to the world and you don't need to think more on how do I download games on my PSP for free?

Now I think that you're most likely asking "how about the UMD games, can it be downloaded? ", and the answer is absolutely yes. There are a lot to download but If you are used internet and trying to get the free UMD games, I think you should buy the original UMD game or besides you are stealing property and allow the pirate product that illegal and then if you still want to have a free game, so find out by searching "how do I download games on my PSP for free?" on the search engine.

But rumors said that they will be a new battery that can break up the new PSP 3000 system which is call Datel Lite Blue battery which replaces the old Pandora's battery. And it yet can be sure because there still don't have a news on that. Soon it may become reality isn't it? Let the time tell us.

Last but not least, all of this means nothing except you have demote your firmware first of all, so before you can yet think about downloading free games for the PSP, you better find the way out on how downgrading the firmware. In addition, you really need to be careful because if you don't follow the directions cautiously, it possibly will corrupt your beloved PSP. So how do I download games on my PSP for free? Are not the main issues after you read my articles? Please enjoy yourself with your PSP.

for more detail, please visit - M. Faiz Amri

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